Deighton Formatic Drums

A combination of different drum surface finishes and paddle configuration ensure the Formatic’s success in a host of food processing industries.

The equipment is ideal for producing Beef burgers, Chicken, Pork or Lamb burgers plus nuggets, fish produce and a range of vegetarian and ethnic food products including Vegetarian Burgers, Falafel, Aloo Tikki, Pakora and Onion Bhaji.

The Formatic has achieved equal success forming Cookies, Shortbread, Flapjack, Novelty Cookies, Health Food Bars and Gluten Free products in the bakery industry as well as butter portions for the catering and ready meals industry.

The 180 Drum has a set of forms cut every 180 degrees doubling the capacity of the standard machine and allowing the produce to exit the hopper twice as fast. This is especially important when dealing with delicate bakery mixes, as this ensures they do not become overworked due to the speed and efficiency of the Formatic 180.

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